24 November 2012

Please, do pray for Gaza.

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

As I said before, see i am very very busy. Yes, now i really know what's the meaning of PRESSURE! it something that can crack your brain and make you look like a crazy person. For this whole week, i'm being like that. Sooo pitiful is it? but still, alhamdullilah at least i have a job, and most importantly we can work, or study or do other daily routine in a peaceful environment. Unlike in Gaza, Palestin. They are suffering!

Yes!they are suffering right now. In fact, a lot of innocent people has been killed. Children, women, and other citizen got killed cruelly. This is soo unacceptable. Insane! Please Malaysians, do pray for them. And also, please boycott Jewish's brand. Dont ever use their brand because a part from that money it will used to kill the innocent people of Gaza. If you have some humanity towards this matter, please stay away from their brand.

For the people that have been killed, dont think that they died. They just went straight to the jannah. They are the luckiest person to be the guaranteed  people of heaven. Masya Allah. May Allah bless all of them. Dont stop praying, because He will answer according to His plan. Yes, He will. I just sympathize with the children, women, older people as they cannot do anything to save their own life. As for children, they being traumatized with the sound of bomb and gun for everyday. They cannot sleep, cannot go outside playing like our children here in malaysia. It's totally damn cruel!

So, please malaysian. We cannot do much to help them, but at least try to boycott Jewish's brand as we know they are responsible for this attack. They will not stop to attack if they know that other people especially other muslim support them by using their brand. Last but not least, please do pray for Gaza. They need our support and du'a to gain their strength again. We love you, we always pray for you!yes we will! Al-fatihah.

Thank for reading! See you again next entry.

4 November 2012

It Just Started

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

How are you my dearly reader? Sorry for not updating such a long long time. Actually from now onwards, i'm gonna be very very busy. Alhamdullilah, i've got a job. My very first job after graduated. So, that's why la tak sempat nak update entry bagai. It has been two weeks already and i am adapting my new world. Yes!it's totally a new world for me, new people, new atmosphere. 

Forget about work, i am not telling anything about my work but i just want to share some useful information especially for those has just started to work and want to own a car. I know that some of you really want to own your dream car right? but the problem is, you just started to work. As we know, one of the requirement to own a car is to have a three month payslip. Am i right? But if you just started to work, let's say one month and a half, how did you own a car? The answer is by 'Skim Graduan'. By using this Skim, zero downpayment is required and no such three month payslip. Just shown them an offer letter, than you can own your dream car just like that. Simple and easy.

I got this information from my friend who has just bought a car by using this Skim. So this is true story! I also want to try this skim. But have to wait until I get my valid driving license first. Huwaaaaaa.sangat tak sabar to have my dream car. Kena cepat-cepat ambil lesen.

So, that's it for now. Thanks for reading!Wish me luck with my new job and also to get my dream car.hahaha.

27 September 2012


Assalammualaikum w.r.t

As a title above, i would like to thank Allah for all His blessing.I manage to achieve what i want in my life. Alhamdullilah i have graduated and got my degree as i desired. I know, this is not an ending of my life but it has just started. After this, a lot of challenges i have to face and i have to step into a new world. It is totally a new world for me, i know that. I need to prepared myself to live in that world. 

Apart of blessing from Allah, i also got a blessing from my mom and peoples around me. I'm glad that i have that superb peoples who are always supporting me. I love all of you. Now, i'm still need your support to continue my life to pursue my dream and my carrier. Please dont stop supporting me. May Allah bless all of you. For my friends, thank you for being my friend all this time. I am really really lucky to have a wonderful friends around me. May Allah bless all of you also.

For brothers and sisters who are keep asking me about the future of theirs, which path that they must take after a SPM, the answer is yourself. Only yourself knows what you want. Please ask your heart, listen to it. If it is still confusing, you better do 'istikharah'. That's the best way you could do. Please ask His blessing and answer for your questions. He will answered you. He will!InsyaAllah. Just one word i want to say, if you already have that answer please be ikhlas of what you are doing and the most important thing, dont forget Him. InsyaAllah you will have a bright future ahead. 

I Just want to share an experience to those who has chosen and want to choose an engineering as their course, please be prepared mentally and physically. It is an interesting course as it relate with the technology. Mostly engineers are the person that makes our life easier with technology. Cars, computers, machine and many more. See that? i told you, all of that comes from an engineer. Many talks say that engineering are tough subjects, yes it is. But if we enjoy what we learn, nothing is impossible. You can do it. For myself, yes i do agree that engineering is a tough subject but i have friends that always help and guide me. We always discussing and do our work together. Really missing them damn much! cant wait to meet them soon! For those that wanna choose this course as your future carrier, basically you must have strong math and science. But if you really believe in yourself, just do it. Dont care with others. Be strong and make a wise decision. Its your life, your future. Dont forget to get Allah's blessing for what you do. All the best, thats all from me. Just a little word for my dearly brothers and sisters out there.

25 September 2012

Puding Roti Batik

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Here we go!have you ever tried puding roti?i'm quite sure all of you have been taste it before. Sedap kan?nyummy nyummy. Today i will share the recipe for puding roti. it has been modified into puding roti batik by myself. but actually, i got that inspiration from kak ita.

The materials used for this puding are:

Agar-agar (1pc)
Roti (3 pc) *I used Massimo since it is ganoderma's type. You can used gardenia also.*
Condensed Milk (3 spoon)
Evaporated Milk ( 1 tin)
An egg
Esen vanilla ( 1 tea spoon)

1. Boil the agar-agar with water. Waits until all the agar-agar melts.
2. On the other hand, blend roti with condensed milk, evaporated milk, an egg and esen vanilla.
3. After that, mix the blending's texture together with agar-agar. Boil it. Dont forget to add sugar.
4. Fill the puding into container and take a little bit to mix up with colour in order to make a batik pattern.
5. Put into fridge. After one hour you can taste it!

Let's make a try!worth it!
* Sorry the quality of camera was not sooo good, but the taste was very good!*

19 September 2012

Childhood's Person

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

How's your day everyone?well, up until now i am still a full time housewife. Frankly speaking, i'm getting bored. The only improvement that i could do is my cooking skill. Of course la, setiap hari masak la katakan acano tak improve?ye dak?
Today, i remembered someone from my chilhood's life. He was a wonderful friend. Almost ten years, we didn't see each other. I wondered how's he right now. In fact, since last ten years i don't know where he is. He disappeared just like that, maybe his family moves on to other place i think so he just follow them. Budak-budak kan,mana tahu apa. All the memories with him, still on my mind. I tried to find him, but nothing!none of my friends at that time remembered him. It just happened that only me was closed to him. I am really really upset. Yes!upset! because i can't say goodbye to him and the most important thing that he really want to know before. I hope that he still remember me and what we were going through for the past ten years before he disappeared. If he can see this post, *if je la kan, dream on* i have a thousand of questions for you.

Dear you.yes, you!
How's your life?Did you find your soul mate yet?haha.*kidding*
Where have you been for last ten years?Too many questions wanna ask him actually.in person.personally.
But whatever it is, please be happy. Hope to see you just one more time at least to properly say goodbye.

14 September 2012

Blogging's Purposes

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Dear ladies and gentleman, first thing i want to wish to all malaysian a happy malaysia's day. Thankfully to Allah that we can still breath in the air of peacefulness. Alhamdullillah..
Ok back to the topic on blogging's purposes. I'm really sure that most of you know what is blogging all about. Even kids also have their own blog. Canggihlah adik-adik zaman sekarang. They used technology quite pretty well i think. But what is actually the purposes? why we create a blog?why?why?
Sometimes, people said that by blogging we can be a celebrity like fatin liyana and blaa.blaa.blaa plus winning an award with the money prize. But for me, blog is just a diary. I just want to express how i feel, about my friends and the activities that i had done in my daily life so that in the future my kids will know me better.
I know some people get annoyed with this type of blog but hey, i never force anyone to read my blog. If you find that all my post were annoying, boring and syok sendiri, please don't visit this 'annoying' blog anymore. i am only welcoming a true readers. SINCERE READERS only. For those silent readers that always supporting this blog, i am really really appreciate it. I know some of my friends are a silent readers of this blog. When i'm not updating my new post, surely they will ask me 'why you not updating your blog?' .Sangat sangat terharu. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Peace!

10 September 2012

marriage is a responsibility

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

how's your day?erm.erm.hopefully it is a good day for all of you. After two days of my previous post about the wedding, i got a phone call from my secondary school which is also my lovey dovey bff saying that she will be married on this november!she ask me to clear up all my schedule on that day or else she's gonna bomb me.haha.it's hard to believe that she'll be a bride soon.of course a very beautiful bride.and today, one of my primary school's buddy got engaged.A very congratulations to her.How time flies!so fast and still hard to believe that we are an adults now,everybody are getting married soon. tinggal la yang single-single belia ni. but it's okay.nothing to be shame with.

Sometimes, i keep wondering if my mom can arranged the wedding for me.haha.its sound ridiculous right?haha. Everytime i tell her about my friend's wedding, engagement she only anggukkan kepala and saying 'erm bagusla'. that's all. okay, maybe she don't want me to get married too early. Kerja dulu, simpan duit and happykan dia. but almost arrangement marriage's story that i heard gives a positive benefits for both sides. so i'm no more scared to hear about the arrangement marriage. 

But one more thing that people always forgot. it is 'responsible'. Marriage is a responsibility. When lafaz sakinah and akad dilafazkan, it means that one's person has ready to hold a big big responsibility. When my ex roomate got married that day, i'm sitting next to her during akad dilafazkan oleh her husband. It was a touching moment at that time when her father cried and say that now he gives the responsibility to take care of his lovely daughter to his son in law. i wondered if my dad will do the same when my turn comes. from that moment, from that vow that has been accepted by both of them, i am really sure that i cannot hold this responsibility yet. When a women get married, her heaven not belongs to her parents anymore but to her husband. Every married and married to be women must keep this on mind. And for a man, please prepared your shoulder to carry on the biggest responsibility in your life. Anyway, congratulations for those gonna be married soon and for those has been married. You has complete the half of your iman. Keep sail your life happily with the blessing from Allah. 

7 September 2012

the blissful memories

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Seperti yang dijanjikan, lets talk about 'things' that happened yang membuatkan aku tak nyempat update blog setelah sekian lama. Salah satu 'thing' nye adalah sebelum exam haritu and another one after exam. Before exam, of course la busy memanjang, siapkan itu ini. Jangankan nak update blog, nak tidur pun tak nyempat. Kesian gilaa jadi final year student. Tapi kesibukkan tu bagus jugak sebenarnya, sebab dapat meluangkan masa-masa terakhir bersama kawan-kawan. Almaklumlah, kampung halaman masing-masing penghujung peta sana,penghujung peta sini. Alhamdullilah, finally we were graduated! After many hardship and difficult moment come across into our ways, we manage to survive until the end. 

Another 'thing' is my ex roomate's wedding. Taknak cakap panjang-panjang,moh la tengok gambar.

The pelamin

Brides with 'nadiatuls'

 Pengapit of the day

Ours after 4 years

many things happen

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Many things happened for the past two month. Alhamdullilah, now i am officially graduated from engineering school of uitm. Sekarang tengah gigih menanam anggur yang tak berbuah kat rumah. Still waiting for an interview and at the same time looking for the part time job as well. I think menjadi penganggur is quite tired compared to student. Actually i am excited to tell you the wonderfull things that happened around myself. But i'll keep it to the next post. Saja nak kasi suspend sikit. Stay tuned yahhh!

7 Julai 2012


Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Disebabkan almost 3 months tak sempat nak mengupdate blog ni,nah ambik 3 hari berturut-turut aku update entry baru.balas dendam busy punya pasal. Title for this entry is about 'Hijrah'. Sesuailah kan sebab kita dah nak menyambut bulan Ramadhan,so apa salahnya berhijrah ke arah yang lebih baik. Actually, that word has been appeared in my mind since the past two month. I want to do a Hijrah but i actually still gaining some strength to do so. it's not an easy task you know!

Since two month ago, hati ni berdetik nak buat perubahan tu. i don't know how and where to start. Perubahan tu perlu dibuat dengan keyakinan dan semangat yang kuat. No turning back. So, i must be really made myself ready for that changes. Thanks Allah, sebab bukak pintu hati aku untuk terdetik berubah. Aku berharap penghijrahan aku ni dapat membuatkan aku menjadi seorang muslimah yang lebih beriman dan bertaqwa padaNya. Tambah lagi kalau penghijrahan ni boleh melancarkan jodoh aku.Amin. There's a reasons   for everything happened. May Allah gives His blessing for me. and for all the readers, please pray for me okay.really really appreciate it!hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas.

love story

Assalamualaikum w.r.t

Another entry after last night.ehem.this is not for the second teaser okay.second teaser terpaksa dipostpone dahulu atas sebab musabab yang diharuskan.entry kali ni adalah cetusan dari blog Dena Bahrin about how she get married with someone yang dia langsung tak kenal.How lucky you are, Dena!she is younger than me and now, she already got married.langkah bendul me.Anyway, barakallah sis.May Allah bless your marriage happy ever after. 

From her blog, i learnt several thing about love and destiny. Jodoh tu rahsia Allah,kalau couple bagai nak rak macam mana sekalipun dah bukan jodoh,memang tak kemana. That's why la couple is allowed only after marriage.But for those yang tengah bermuram durja berhati kecewa cinta putus ditengah jalan,please take it easy babe. Jangan mengeluh dan jangan menyalahkan takdir atas sesuatu yang berlaku. Allah have a better plan for you. He takes him/her that you love because He knows that him/her is not a right person for you. 

Just set in mind that your love story has not been published yet until you find someone right for you. Tak susah pun,tunggu je. Yang penting, for boys please be prepared and for girls please take care of yourself. Allah pasti akan ciptakan satu cerita yang indah yang sangat tak dijangka. Me also still waiting for my love story to be published. so, please don't ask me anymore, 'dah ada calon ke belum?bila nak kawin?' because i don't have the answer. only Allah have that answer.

Owh.almost forgot!another story about my roomate in matriculation. She is getting married!yippie!finally she met with her mr.Right. and getting married on 7th of Syawal. She ask me to become her pengapit.hehe.that's really an honored to me. Congratulations my lovey dovey roomate Nur Zahidah!

6 Julai 2012

teaser 1: one step more before G day

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Almost 3 months tak update blog.bahana fyp dan segala bagai aktiviti lah ni.tapi takpe it worth as i'm graduating soon.yippi!i just finished finale of finale for my degree and now just waiting for fyp's presentation before forever back to my hometown..four years struggling an engineering courses with a wonderful friends.gotta remember all of u guys!

Dulu kan masa mula-mula masuk u,my first thought about engineering courses is 'wow!tough gilaa course ni.empat tahun plak tu.' but now, i am graduating very very soon. it just a few weeks more before i left shah alam and going back to penang.memang tak sabar nak habis.yelah kan,empat tahun pegang title perantau, eh actually lima tahun campur zaman matrik dolu-dolu.tapi, bila dah dekat-dekat waktu perpisahan ni,macam-macam perasaan timbul. 

For my classmates, groupmates and friends in uitm,
thanks for all the happiness that we sharing together.
kahwin jangan lupa nak jemput ye.harap lima tahun akan datang boleh berReunion.
tiap-tiap tahun pun bole.insyaAllah.
takkan melupakan kalian dunia akhirat.
Friendship till jannah.

notapalalutut: i know some of you will read my entry.salah silap harap dimaafkan dan mintak halallah ye.

22 April 2012

a tiring semester

Assalammualaikum w.r.t 

almost two months tak update blog yang semakin hari semakin tua ni. All this because of thesis,design project, program sana sini sampai tak menang tangan nak handle.poor me.kan.kan?

notapalalutut: macam sedih pulak dah nak berpisah dengan kawan-kawan sekalian. so for the final semester ni, lets enjoy together.semoga kita sama-sama berjaya! love all of u!

26 Februari 2012

the childish things

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Lagi seminggu cuti semester akan berakhir, maka bermulalah perjuangan terakhir bergelar mahasiswa di bumi UiTM sebelum graduation day #eceh.konon mood sedih lah sangat. disebabkan bila dah nak semester akhir barulah dapat merasa voucher buku rm200 yang diberikan kerajaan, #thank you government!# makanya timbullah disitu satu perasaan excited untuk bershopping alat-alat tulis yang comel-comel seperti zaman tadika dan darjah satu dahulu walaupun tempoh pembelajaran hanya kurang dari setengah tahun lagi.

bercakap pasal the childish things ni, teringat zaman mula-mula nak masuk tadika dulu. semua benda nak comel  lah kan. dari beg, botol air sampailah ke alat tulis. bila satu benda hilang,balik rumah nangis-nangis mengadu kat mak.alahai!shame on me. satu lagi childish thing yang masih teringat adalah main kejar-kejar,main masak-masak takpun main anak patung kertas yang boleh tukar-tukar baju. even kena leter beli benda berkertas bagai macam tu, still beli jugak. minat plus hobi punya pasal. #entah macam mana la perangai anak aku pulak nanti#

bila dah masuk sekolah rendah, pergi sekolah main doktor dengan pesakit pulak dengan kawan-kawan. kononnya cita-citaku.#ahah!#almaklumlah, time tu karier yang famous amous pun doktor, takpun cekgu,takpun polis. manalah tahu engineer bagai ni. sampailah ke zaman matrik,bila dah sedar hakikat bahawa diri tak ada soul dengan biology.#eceh lagi# makanya, bertukarlah cita-citaku. so,beep.beep future process engineer wanna be. InsyaAllah.#sumpah macam tak percaya#

okay selain main doktor-doktor, zaman aku kecik-kecik dulu agak famous jugak dengan berbiodata nih. setiap seorang mesti ada buku biodata yang dah di decorate kan dengan colourfull nya. lepas tu passing-passing satu sekolah tulis biodata masing-masing. masa tu jugaklah kakak angkat, adik angkat, abang angkat yang berangkat-angkat jugak menjadi. tapi aku percaya, gejala 'angkat' ni still lagi berleluasa dikalangan adik-adik sekalian kan. haih.macam-macam kenangan zaman kanak-kanak dulu. berwarna-warni. sedar tak sedar dah masuk 20an dah. pergi sekolah jumpa cekgu-cekgu, first soalan yang ditanya, 'bila nak kahwin?'.uhhh. anyway, thanks to all my teacher since my pre school until university. may Allah bless all of you.

thank you for reading!!

notapalalutut: semester terakhir untuk mengEnjoykan diri sebelum bergelar pekerja yang berdedikasi. Good luck for those yang at the same line as me.

24 Februari 2012

the bittersweet of life

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

ohh hye peeps.macam mana kehidupan anda-anda sekalian?bitter or sweet?talk about bittersweet of life,every each of you have tasted a bittersweet of your own life right?so how's it tastes?

dalam kehidupan kita ni,tak ada benda yang kita alami akan sentiasa manis dan tak akan ada juga yang sentiasa pahit.biasalah tu kan dalam hidup ni ada naik turun, pasang surut ala-ala air laut masin. no matter what, we must face it.kalau tak ada semua tu, confirmlah hidup kau tak normal. pernah dengar tak orang-orang tua cakap, hidup ni macam roda. kadang-kadang kita kat atas,kadang-kadang kita kat bawah pulak.haaa,betullah tu. cuma antara sedar ataupun tak je sebenarnya.

anything happens must have a reasons behind it. actually dah dua hari aku demam. dan aku fikir,mungkin semua yang terjadi ni ada hikmah yang aku tak tahu. so, think positive whatever it is. jangan sesekali terfikir segala kesusahan dan dugaan yang kita alami adalah penamat hidup kita tapi fikirlah bahawa semua itu adalah untuk mematangkan dan menguatkan semangat kita untuk terus hidup. okay let me give you a simple example. contoh yang paling senang nak nampak adalah gejala putus cinta. memang bitter habes lah kan time tu. ada yang berbulan-bulan malah bertahun-tahun nak treat sakit putus cinta tapi tak kisahlah selagi tak susahkan diri sendiri dan orang lain. tapi,bila penyakit tu dah sembuh, confirm hidup kita akan rasa sweet kembali kan. just move on peeps. lets gone be by gone. itulah yang dinamakan the bittersweet of life.

bila kita terasa sesak, sedih just think about people that we love. contohnya mak bapak, kawan-kawan. mungkin dengan cara tu, akan mengurangkan rasa sedih dan sesak yang kita rasa. dan bila kita senang, gembira just thanks to Allah for that feeling we have. 

thank you for reading!

notapalutut: thank you Allah for all the achievement since then until now. i'll try my best for my future, InsyaAllah. final semester,pliss be kind for me..i want to grad on time.haha.


14 Februari 2012

tak payah nak valentine sangat

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

since we are now in February,ramai yang dah gelabah bagai.ramai yang berhabisan duit mak bapak takpun duit gaji sendiri semata-semata nak belikan hadiah untuk buah hati masing-masing.kononnya nak sambut Valentine la kan.huh.tak payah nak sambut Valentine sangatlah oi.haram tahuk bagi muslim-muslim sekalian.

kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal Valentine ni,silalah gunakan khidmat pakcik google yang multitasking itu. percaya atau tak,ramai remaja Islam terikut-ikut gejala Valentine. kononnya i love you forever la kan.tapi,bila dah bunting sorang pun tak nak bertanggungjawab.last-last,baby dumping bersepah-sepah.tak takut ke nanti di akhirat baby tu akan tuntut balik hak dia kat mak bapak dia?nak jawab apa nanti kat dia?

ouch.mungkin jugak ada couple yang akan cakap macam ni 'eh akak,kitorang bukan nak buat apa-apa pun.just nak lepak-lepak,tengok wayang.minum-minum je.takkan tu pun tak boleh?'. okay adik-adik sayang,listen here. kita nampak tak setan-setan yang ada kat sekeliling kita?tak nampak kan.nampak tak macam mana dia cucuk kita nak sesatkan kita?eh mestilah tak nampak jugak kan.gilaaa kau kalau nampak.jatuh pengsan semua. #haa.tahu pun#

kalau kita ni boleh nampak setan-setan laknatullah tu,mesti semua tak berani nak sambut Valentine bagai.dahtu,mesti semua orang tak berani nak buat jahat kan. tapi, Allah dah jadikan setan dan benda-benda halus ni visible di mata manusia. disebabkan mereka-mereka itu visible lah,manusia bebas melakukan apa saja sesuka hati sehinggakan sanggup menggadaikan maruah sendiri dan ibubapa.Nauzubillah..so,jangan buat benda yang setan suka tapi buatlah benda yang Allah suka.kalau nak sambut valentine jugak,eloklah pergi berkawan dengan setan sekarang.

thank you for reading!lots of love!

notapalalutut: time maulidur rasul dan awal muharram,tak nak la pulak kan sambut macam ni.haih.wake up peeps.sorry kalau ada yang terasa.just sebagai peringatan kita bersama.that's all.

10 Februari 2012

just be yourself

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

okay tajuk entry yang tak ada kena mengena sangat pun sebenarnya.haha.just to be yourself is just to be your own self and that's it.pernah tak anda-anda semua teringin nak jadi macam orang itu,orang ini,orang sana,orang sini dan bermacam-macam jenis orang.ada tak?hmmm.actually aku pun pernahlah jugak.kononnya berperasaan diri sendiri sangat tak style,sangat tak comel seperti orang lain yang lebih style dan comel dari aku.jadi disebabkan tu,aku pernahlah nak jadi macam orang yang dimaksudkan tersebut.gila annoying kan aku.sangatlah tak bersyukur.*pliss adik-adik sila jangan jadi macam akak nadia ni ye*

okay.itu kisah dulu. sekarang,aku dah sedar yang nobody's perfect.Allah dah ciptakan setiap manusia tu dengan kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing.mungkin yang cantik tu,kurang cerdik tapi yang kurang cantik tu cerdik orangnya.who knows right?tapi kalau dah cantik,pandai, kaya pulak tu, eh memang bertuahlah kau. Bersyukur atas kelebihan yang Allah dah bagi. pelihara sebaik mungkin ye sayang-sayang sekalian. lagi sekali, just be yourself. tak payah nak cover-cover bagai kononnya nak tarik perhatian orang lain. terima diri seadanya kerana itu adalah salah satu cara kita bersyukur pada Allah atas kejadian diri kita sendiri.

Thank you for reading!lots of love!

notapalalutut: even satu dunia pun tak dapat menerima kita seadanya tapi percayalah akan ada sesetengah orang yang pasti akan terima kita apa adanya. dan mereka adalah ibubapa kita, sahabat sejati dan sudah tentunya jodoh kita yang telah ditentukan sejak di Luh Mahfuz. 

7 Februari 2012


Assalammualaikum w.r.t

RELATIONSHIP.just one word but gives a lot of meaning behind it. sometimes people always misunderstand the true meaning of relationship. it is not as simple as changing the status of facebook from single to in a relationship tapi, it is more than that. Relationship merupakan satu tanggungjawab, kesetiaan dan kepercayaan. it is depend on how individual treat his/her relationship. kat dunia ni,macam-macam jenis perhubungan yang kita sedia maklum. perhubungan melibatkan sesama manusia dan juga perhubungan antara manusia dan Tuhan. perhubungan sesama manusia boleh diklasifikasikan kepada perhubungan antara ibubapa dan anak, perhubungan persahabatan, perhubungan suami isteri dan juga perhubungan antara lelaki dan perempuan. for this entry, i just want to talk about the relationship between girls and boys only since it is most popular types of relationship nowdays. have you ever being in a relationship and then broke up?how do you feel?it's hurt right?and for sure,rasa menyesal pun ada jugak kan.so, macam ni ke perhubungan yang anda nak sangat?come on peeps.don't be fooled by this kind of relationship. people always said that love is blind. tapi sebenarnya, manusia yang buta sebab cinta. am i right? 

recently, i'm being a good listener for my friend. she's got a problem with her boyfriend. seperti biasalah, aku memang tak percaya sangat kat laki-laki nih. kalau ikutkan hati aku, memang aku nak je dia tinggalkan laki tu. tapi tak sampai hatilah pulak kan because she loves that boy very much. from this problem, she have changed a lot. dia berubah menjadi seseorang yang susah difahami, degil dan terlalu obses with that guy sampaikan dia tak kisahkan pandangan orang sekeliling dia. it is too much. nilah contoh kebutaan yang disebabkan cinta. because of this, she hurts the other relationship especially friendship. 

most important thing, every relationship must have a bless from Allah. inilah dinamakan perhubungan dengan Tuhan. jika perhubungan dengan Allah gagal, sudah semestinya perhubungan yang lain juga akan gagal. believes me. jangan sesekali menyalahkan takdir kerana takdir itu adalah satu pelajaran hidup yang mematangkan kita. jangan sesekali berputus asa atas ujian yang menimpa kerana pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi di sebalik ujian tersebut. one thing she told me, she believes in do'a than anything. But for me, the most important thing other than do'a is Allah. apa-apa pun yang berlaku semuanya atas kehendak Allah. Do'a is an effort but the one that makes our do'a comes true is Allah. So, please believe in Allah than anything else. if He does not grant any of our do'a, then He must be prepared something  much better for us. just keep our faith towards Him and everything will be alright. dan sudah semestinya, segala masalah dan ujian dapat diatasi dengan tenang. InsyaAllah..

Thank you for reading!lots of love!

notapalalutut: cinta tak semestinya bersama jodoh tetapi jodoh pasti akan bersama cinta. dan jodoh hanya ditentukan oleh Allah Taala. Tiada yang lain dariNya.

5 Februari 2012

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Selalunya bila seseorang menyambut hari lahir,pasti kita akan menyanyikan lagu 'selamat hari lahir' pada yang berkenaan. tetapi,adakah di hari lahir Rasullullah S.A.W ini,kita berselawat keatas Baginda?tepuk dada tanya iman.

Jom ramai-ramai praktikkan sunnah Rasullullah dalam kehidupan seharian kita. mudah-mudahan kita akan peroleh syafaat Baginda di akhirat kelak.InsyaAllah..

notapalalutut: Al-Fatihah kepada seorang sahabat yang telah pergi meninggalkan kehidupan duniawi buat selama-lamanya..semoga awak tenang disana.

30 Januari 2012

show off

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

here we go...taraaaaa pictures blog!i just want to show off.hahaha.oppsss.berlagak sangatlah kan.this is my first trial to snap a baby's pic.haha.it's not easy okay!thus,i'm still in learning mode.kalau nak puji ke,kutuk ke,bagi nasihat ke,cadangan ke,sila-sila.dialu-alukan.jangan segan-segan,jangan malu-malu.i will try my best to improve it in the future.

notapalalutut: this baby's name is Nur Qaisara Dayana.she is my cousin actually.haha.this is her mommy's belog.that's it for now.

thank you for reading!lots of love!

26 Januari 2012

love after marriage

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

malam-malam bebuta macam gini,bercakaplah pulak pasal percintaan selepas berkahwin, memang naiss sangatlah kan.secara tetiba, aku tertarik dengan kisah Ally Iskandar dengan Farah Lee sehingga mereka mendirikan rumah tangga. sangat manis dan berseri wajah kedua-dua pengantin baru itu.mungkin disebabkan penangan hubungan yang terjalin atas dasar cinta dan tanggungjawab kepada Allah S.W.T.MasyaAllah..how beautiful it is.dan disebabkan tu jugak,aku mula tertarik dengan konsep bercinta lepas berkahwin.tapi..am i deserved to get this too?only Allah knows.

semua manusia di muka bumi ni,nakkan kasih sayang dan rasa dicintai.siapalah yang tak nak kann.tapi, adakah jalan yang kita pilih untuk mendapatkan kasih sayang itu dengan cara yang betul dan diredhai?tepuk dada,tanya iman.tak dinafikan,aku pernahlah jugak tersilap pilih jalan.aku pilih untuk bercouple.and from my experience,bercinta sebelum kahwin ni takde lah bahagia sangat.tak boleh nak buat apa-apa pun.tapi,bila sesuatu perhubungan itu dah halal disisi Allah,even senyuman yang dilemparkan pada pasangan boleh mendatangkan pahala yang berganda.amazing kan?subhanallah..

sekarang ni,after breakup tak dinafikan hidup aku semakin tenang dan lebih fokus. memanglah bila tengok kiri kanan depan belakang semua member-member bercouple bagai,terdetik macam best jugak bila ada boyfriend ni.tapi at the same time,terfikir akan bakal husband nanti.alangkah kesian dan sedihnya diri dia andai dia dapat tahu bakal isteri dia ni pernah bermesra-mesraan dengan lelaki lain sebelum dia.dan sudah tentu,aku juga taknak dia bermesra-mesraan dengan perempuan lain sebelum aku.i'm very sure that all of you want the same things right.haih penatlah hoi bercinta bagai nak rak dengan orang lain lepastu kahwin dengan orang lain.so, because of that i dont want to couple anymore.i just want to couple and to be loved by my husband only. Peeps,please pray that it will come true.

so,peeps..for those yang dah getting married or plan to getting married,congratulations.terimalah pasangan anda seadanya kerana hanya dia yang terbaik yang dijanjikan oleh Allah untuk anda.and for those yang bercinta monyet,please stop it before it hurt you more.berpegang pada janji Allah,lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik dan begitu jugak sebaliknya.so,apa-apa pun yang kita buat akan relate dengan pasangan kita nanti.jika diri kita baik,maka baiklah jugak pasangan kita itu.jika diri kita berada di landasan yang betul,maka begitu jugalah pasangan kita.insyaAllah...

thanks for reading!lots of love!

notapalalutut: ketaq habeh satu badan hoii nak present fyp.wish me luck peeps!pray for me too!