21 Januari 2012

puding karamel

Assalammualaikum w.r.t sayangs~

Happy new year peeps!ya.ya i know that we already in third weeks of 2012,but i guess that its not too late to wish a very happy new year to everybody right?hehehe.sorry guys,i'm quite busy for the past three weeks.ok straight to the point, have you ever been try puding karamel?its such a sweet and cute dessert.it is quite healthy too because it have a fresh milk in its ingredient.for those who can't drink fresh milk alone like me,it is fully suggested to try puding karamel. it's owesome guys!really!

owh one more thing dears~have you already list down your 'azam tahun baru'?of course la dah kann.just want to share my 'azam tahun baru' with all of you.

  • loss my weight.
  • have a steady boyfriend.
  • get a good job.
  • buy my favourite car.
hope that all these aims can be approach within one year starting from now.hwaiting!

notapalalutut: trying to improve my english by transforming this blog into half english and half malay.haha.

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