25 September 2012

Puding Roti Batik

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Here we go!have you ever tried puding roti?i'm quite sure all of you have been taste it before. Sedap kan?nyummy nyummy. Today i will share the recipe for puding roti. it has been modified into puding roti batik by myself. but actually, i got that inspiration from kak ita.

The materials used for this puding are:

Agar-agar (1pc)
Roti (3 pc) *I used Massimo since it is ganoderma's type. You can used gardenia also.*
Condensed Milk (3 spoon)
Evaporated Milk ( 1 tin)
An egg
Esen vanilla ( 1 tea spoon)

1. Boil the agar-agar with water. Waits until all the agar-agar melts.
2. On the other hand, blend roti with condensed milk, evaporated milk, an egg and esen vanilla.
3. After that, mix the blending's texture together with agar-agar. Boil it. Dont forget to add sugar.
4. Fill the puding into container and take a little bit to mix up with colour in order to make a batik pattern.
5. Put into fridge. After one hour you can taste it!

Let's make a try!worth it!
* Sorry the quality of camera was not sooo good, but the taste was very good!*

4 ulasan:

  1. pandainyer die..bagus2 skali ngn resepi..;)

  2. hahaha tenkiuuu.naseb baek sedap.

  3. pegh... dah makin rajin ke dapur dah... bagusnye anak antie....

  4. hahaha.takde buat gapo.nnti sy turun kl,sy buatkan.