14 September 2012

Blogging's Purposes

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Dear ladies and gentleman, first thing i want to wish to all malaysian a happy malaysia's day. Thankfully to Allah that we can still breath in the air of peacefulness. Alhamdullillah..
Ok back to the topic on blogging's purposes. I'm really sure that most of you know what is blogging all about. Even kids also have their own blog. Canggihlah adik-adik zaman sekarang. They used technology quite pretty well i think. But what is actually the purposes? why we create a blog?why?why?
Sometimes, people said that by blogging we can be a celebrity like fatin liyana and blaa.blaa.blaa plus winning an award with the money prize. But for me, blog is just a diary. I just want to express how i feel, about my friends and the activities that i had done in my daily life so that in the future my kids will know me better.
I know some people get annoyed with this type of blog but hey, i never force anyone to read my blog. If you find that all my post were annoying, boring and syok sendiri, please don't visit this 'annoying' blog anymore. i am only welcoming a true readers. SINCERE READERS only. For those silent readers that always supporting this blog, i am really really appreciate it. I know some of my friends are a silent readers of this blog. When i'm not updating my new post, surely they will ask me 'why you not updating your blog?' .Sangat sangat terharu. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Peace!

4 ulasan:

  1. aku jarang baca,
    selalunya aku tengok gambar ja, hahaha...
    apa2 pun terus berblog...

  2. aku pun suka letak gambar ja banyak2..haha.
    tenkiu syuk for your support.

  3. eh takde la.sj nk meng improve kan bi.