19 September 2012

Childhood's Person

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

How's your day everyone?well, up until now i am still a full time housewife. Frankly speaking, i'm getting bored. The only improvement that i could do is my cooking skill. Of course la, setiap hari masak la katakan acano tak improve?ye dak?
Today, i remembered someone from my chilhood's life. He was a wonderful friend. Almost ten years, we didn't see each other. I wondered how's he right now. In fact, since last ten years i don't know where he is. He disappeared just like that, maybe his family moves on to other place i think so he just follow them. Budak-budak kan,mana tahu apa. All the memories with him, still on my mind. I tried to find him, but nothing!none of my friends at that time remembered him. It just happened that only me was closed to him. I am really really upset. Yes!upset! because i can't say goodbye to him and the most important thing that he really want to know before. I hope that he still remember me and what we were going through for the past ten years before he disappeared. If he can see this post, *if je la kan, dream on* i have a thousand of questions for you.

Dear you.yes, you!
How's your life?Did you find your soul mate yet?haha.*kidding*
Where have you been for last ten years?Too many questions wanna ask him actually.in person.personally.
But whatever it is, please be happy. Hope to see you just one more time at least to properly say goodbye.

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