27 September 2012


Assalammualaikum w.r.t

As a title above, i would like to thank Allah for all His blessing.I manage to achieve what i want in my life. Alhamdullilah i have graduated and got my degree as i desired. I know, this is not an ending of my life but it has just started. After this, a lot of challenges i have to face and i have to step into a new world. It is totally a new world for me, i know that. I need to prepared myself to live in that world. 

Apart of blessing from Allah, i also got a blessing from my mom and peoples around me. I'm glad that i have that superb peoples who are always supporting me. I love all of you. Now, i'm still need your support to continue my life to pursue my dream and my carrier. Please dont stop supporting me. May Allah bless all of you. For my friends, thank you for being my friend all this time. I am really really lucky to have a wonderful friends around me. May Allah bless all of you also.

For brothers and sisters who are keep asking me about the future of theirs, which path that they must take after a SPM, the answer is yourself. Only yourself knows what you want. Please ask your heart, listen to it. If it is still confusing, you better do 'istikharah'. That's the best way you could do. Please ask His blessing and answer for your questions. He will answered you. He will!InsyaAllah. Just one word i want to say, if you already have that answer please be ikhlas of what you are doing and the most important thing, dont forget Him. InsyaAllah you will have a bright future ahead. 

I Just want to share an experience to those who has chosen and want to choose an engineering as their course, please be prepared mentally and physically. It is an interesting course as it relate with the technology. Mostly engineers are the person that makes our life easier with technology. Cars, computers, machine and many more. See that? i told you, all of that comes from an engineer. Many talks say that engineering are tough subjects, yes it is. But if we enjoy what we learn, nothing is impossible. You can do it. For myself, yes i do agree that engineering is a tough subject but i have friends that always help and guide me. We always discussing and do our work together. Really missing them damn much! cant wait to meet them soon! For those that wanna choose this course as your future carrier, basically you must have strong math and science. But if you really believe in yourself, just do it. Dont care with others. Be strong and make a wise decision. Its your life, your future. Dont forget to get Allah's blessing for what you do. All the best, thats all from me. Just a little word for my dearly brothers and sisters out there.

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  1. bakal engineer la ni kn. congrats! bg sy org yg ambik course ni mmg otak dia gila2 pandai. yala kan bertarung ngan fizik n math. basic subjek tu. i hate fizik. sbb tu xdpt ambik course ni. hahahha. btw, salam perkenalan.. ^_^

  2. First Congratulation for your graduation!! Welcome to the world that you may feel the different. Why?

    1. We are studying inside the comfort. Maybe, just to gain experience your have to work under direct sun.

    2. Your can submit your assignment in a week or two. But, if you get into the situation that may need fast decision on site/workplace. Then you maybe only have 2 or 3 hours to voice it. You also need to have strong will just to voice it. Any fault without any fast rectification or early steps to prevent it - lead to failure.

    3. Keep in mind what you have studied. Your will be ask about engineering term and ways you may choose to take action or to solve any problem - Your credibility will be measure with your answer.

    BUT, remember that just only experience. Experience will make your a damn GOOD ENGINEER! face it!

    Good Luck!

  3. thank you mr engineer for the advised!insyaAllah i'll keep it in my mind.
    Also, it is soooo scary to know the real life of engineer from you.