21 Jun 2015

O'Wan Burger House

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Vacation and Food is my passion at this moment. I can't resist when i know there's a good place to eat. For this entry, i would like to share a place for all burger's lovers. It is located in USJ8 (mostly known as Taipan), same row with the TM and KFC.

I have been there 4 times already because the burger is sooo yummy. You have to try!

Let's get the picture talk.

Triple Cheese Burger

 Burger Banjir. * Strongly Recommended

Apart from Burger, they also have pasta. This is Cheese Grated Meatball Penne.
Very creamyyy and cheessyy.

Portabello Burger *Portabello is a type of mushroom. Dalilah loves this burger.

So, peeps..please go and try. You will definitely like it!

End of story.

Happy 4th Ramadhan 1436H.

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