10 September 2012

marriage is a responsibility

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

how's your day?erm.erm.hopefully it is a good day for all of you. After two days of my previous post about the wedding, i got a phone call from my secondary school which is also my lovey dovey bff saying that she will be married on this november!she ask me to clear up all my schedule on that day or else she's gonna bomb me.haha.it's hard to believe that she'll be a bride soon.of course a very beautiful bride.and today, one of my primary school's buddy got engaged.A very congratulations to her.How time flies!so fast and still hard to believe that we are an adults now,everybody are getting married soon. tinggal la yang single-single belia ni. but it's okay.nothing to be shame with.

Sometimes, i keep wondering if my mom can arranged the wedding for me.haha.its sound ridiculous right?haha. Everytime i tell her about my friend's wedding, engagement she only anggukkan kepala and saying 'erm bagusla'. that's all. okay, maybe she don't want me to get married too early. Kerja dulu, simpan duit and happykan dia. but almost arrangement marriage's story that i heard gives a positive benefits for both sides. so i'm no more scared to hear about the arrangement marriage. 

But one more thing that people always forgot. it is 'responsible'. Marriage is a responsibility. When lafaz sakinah and akad dilafazkan, it means that one's person has ready to hold a big big responsibility. When my ex roomate got married that day, i'm sitting next to her during akad dilafazkan oleh her husband. It was a touching moment at that time when her father cried and say that now he gives the responsibility to take care of his lovely daughter to his son in law. i wondered if my dad will do the same when my turn comes. from that moment, from that vow that has been accepted by both of them, i am really sure that i cannot hold this responsibility yet. When a women get married, her heaven not belongs to her parents anymore but to her husband. Every married and married to be women must keep this on mind. And for a man, please prepared your shoulder to carry on the biggest responsibility in your life. Anyway, congratulations for those gonna be married soon and for those has been married. You has complete the half of your iman. Keep sail your life happily with the blessing from Allah. 

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  1. InsyAllah, your father would do the same thing... Itu janji dia

  2. betul tu .... it's not easy when you get married. thats the reality after getting married :) ... anyhow, jagan lupa Allah sentiasa ada untuk menemani umatnya walau apa pun yang berlaku :), just pray .........