6 Julai 2012

teaser 1: one step more before G day

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

Almost 3 months tak update blog.bahana fyp dan segala bagai aktiviti lah ni.tapi takpe it worth as i'm graduating soon.yippi!i just finished finale of finale for my degree and now just waiting for fyp's presentation before forever back to my hometown..four years struggling an engineering courses with a wonderful friends.gotta remember all of u guys!

Dulu kan masa mula-mula masuk u,my first thought about engineering courses is 'wow!tough gilaa course ni.empat tahun plak tu.' but now, i am graduating very very soon. it just a few weeks more before i left shah alam and going back to penang.memang tak sabar nak habis.yelah kan,empat tahun pegang title perantau, eh actually lima tahun campur zaman matrik dolu-dolu.tapi, bila dah dekat-dekat waktu perpisahan ni,macam-macam perasaan timbul. 

For my classmates, groupmates and friends in uitm,
thanks for all the happiness that we sharing together.
kahwin jangan lupa nak jemput ye.harap lima tahun akan datang boleh berReunion.
tiap-tiap tahun pun bole.insyaAllah.
takkan melupakan kalian dunia akhirat.
Friendship till jannah.

notapalalutut: i know some of you will read my entry.salah silap harap dimaafkan dan mintak halallah ye.

4 ulasan:

  1. haha dh 4 tahun...hebat....
    nak hbis dh..all the best

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