5 Mac 2013


Assalammualaikum w.r.t

How are you my dearly reader?it such a long time right?I told you before that i am gonna be super duper busy women. Alhamdullilah it has been already four month I have become an employee. So far, i am pretty good with the job even though sometimes it can be really annoyed. But have to accept it. That's the reality.

Okay, since I am a 'matured' lady right now.muahahaha. so i think it would be nice if i do some transformation to this blog right? maybe the theme or colour or maybe the content of this blog? no more childish stuff and something relate to that. I am a lady already.yeay! tapi tak boleh kahwin lagi okay.

So are you ready for transformation?check it out in the next entry.

Another story:

As we know, Lahad Datu has been attack by the terrorist of Sulu. So far, eight of policeman has been killed but in future, no one knows. Malaysian, please keep pray for them. They are our heroes. For those has been syahid, may their soul rest in peace.


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