17 Mac 2013

Giving up

Assalammualaikum w.r.t


Last few days, i've got a message from my high school's friend. A closed one, very close since we are graduated in a same university too. To tell the truth, she knows everything about me. About my life, my family and my 'love story'.hahaha.*ada kerrr?*

Since we are not seen each other quite some times, so of course la a lot of 'hot stories' coming out. She ask about me, and I ask about her too. I told her about 'him'. She knows who he is and excitedly asking a lot of question about him. I told her something that happened to him lately. He has been dumped by his love and in the process to recover himself again. All this happened make me think that 'manusia yang merancang tapi Tuhan yang menentukan'. I had no idea why all this happened to him.

Then, she ask me did I contact with him?. and I said yes. She ask me to giving up on him. It is not easy for me to forget about him. Almost five years i've keep this feeling and try to wait eventhough I know that he is in love with someone else. I am giving up at that time when I know about this, but still I cant fully let him go.

Now, this is the time that i need to fully giving up on him. It is not that i am a loser okay but just try to face the reality. It is hurt but still need to accept it. I have no choice at all. I think this is what he want also. Thank you Allah for letting me have this wonderful feelings. I am so blessed and may You blessed him also. He is such a good guy and may he find his soul-mate that he looking for. Ameen!

Till then, xoxo.

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