9 Mac 2016

Amsterdam - The Netherland Part I

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

First entry untuk 2016 will be nominated to our trip to Amsterdam last two week ago. It was fun, tiring and memorable to both of us.
Why 'our'?? Jeng.Jeng.Jeng

This is my second trip to Europe and for this time, i was not alone. This is my companion for this trip, and guess what! This trip was a vacation+work trip.

It was unplanned trip just because we have to collect something from our supplier there. The decision was a very last minute, even the return flight ticket has been bought 4 hours before the flight depart. See????? we even didn't have a chance to prepare physically or mentally for this trip. Crazy huh?
After our management safely booked the flight ticket to us, that was around 5.00pm, we barely went home to pack our things. Since this is only a short trip, we just bought a backpack that consist 1pc of shirt only. FYI, it is still winter season over there and the temperature was 1DegC at that time.

At first, we knew that it was a one night stay at Amsterdam, but.........

when we wander around the airport, our boss and his wife came over to handed us some cash money and only at that time she realized that our flight return back to KUL was on the same day!! means, we didn't have to stay one night at Amsterdam!! Kegilaan apakah iniiii??? when i was shocked about this, Dali (my companion) repeatedly said " Alaaaa ruginya tak dapat bermalam, kalau tak...dah boleh pergi jenjalan". Hmmmm.. what to do???

Upon arrival around 7.30am local time (Amsterdam), we managed to meet with our supplier and got the things that we have to bring back to KUL. We stored the items into the locker and since we still have plenty of time, we decided to go to rijkmuseum where the "Iamsterdam" words shall be there.
We got there by bus, it takes around 20minutes to reach Rijkmuseum from the airport, and 5Euro per person for one way. It is quite affordable (please dont convert into RM, pliss).

Then, tadaaaaa 'Iamsterdam' that we are looking for was there at the front of the Rijkmuseum.
And you know, once we get off from the bus, the snow was fallen. Even though it was a light snow only, we were really happy to feel the real snow.

It was verrryyyy cold at the moment and our cloth was not warm enough! Muka kat atas tu ajet ajet je padehal lutut dah menggeletor dah.

We managed to look around the area and take as much photos possible untuk bekalan balik malaysia.
So, marilah menjamu mata kalian.

There was also a Van Gogh Museum nearby the Rijkmuseum.

 See the building behind Dali. There's a long queue to enter the museum at that time. It is an art museum dimana semua karya karya Van Gogh dipamerkan disitu (Macam kenal je Van Gogh tu, padahal first time dengar nama tu). Dali told me, he is a famous art guy.

Then, we spotted a very cute coffee shop. Since it is too cold to handle (not too cute too handle okay), we bought a coffee to bring the heat to our body. Here is the cute coffee shop..

It is very cute isn't it?? Then, after finished our coffee, we took the bus back to the airport.

FYI, the tram, buses and cars here are sharing the same road, so please be extra careful when you want to cross the road.

And, finally we got back to the airport and spent our last hours at the airport. We found another 'Iamsterdam' outside the airport.

The question is, do we really go back to KUL that day??? jeng jeng jeng...

Will be continued in the 2nd part.

Stay tune!!

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