24 November 2012

Please, do pray for Gaza.

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

As I said before, see i am very very busy. Yes, now i really know what's the meaning of PRESSURE! it something that can crack your brain and make you look like a crazy person. For this whole week, i'm being like that. Sooo pitiful is it? but still, alhamdullilah at least i have a job, and most importantly we can work, or study or do other daily routine in a peaceful environment. Unlike in Gaza, Palestin. They are suffering!

Yes!they are suffering right now. In fact, a lot of innocent people has been killed. Children, women, and other citizen got killed cruelly. This is soo unacceptable. Insane! Please Malaysians, do pray for them. And also, please boycott Jewish's brand. Dont ever use their brand because a part from that money it will used to kill the innocent people of Gaza. If you have some humanity towards this matter, please stay away from their brand.

For the people that have been killed, dont think that they died. They just went straight to the jannah. They are the luckiest person to be the guaranteed  people of heaven. Masya Allah. May Allah bless all of them. Dont stop praying, because He will answer according to His plan. Yes, He will. I just sympathize with the children, women, older people as they cannot do anything to save their own life. As for children, they being traumatized with the sound of bomb and gun for everyday. They cannot sleep, cannot go outside playing like our children here in malaysia. It's totally damn cruel!

So, please malaysian. We cannot do much to help them, but at least try to boycott Jewish's brand as we know they are responsible for this attack. They will not stop to attack if they know that other people especially other muslim support them by using their brand. Last but not least, please do pray for Gaza. They need our support and du'a to gain their strength again. We love you, we always pray for you!yes we will! Al-fatihah.

Thank for reading! See you again next entry.

4 November 2012

It Just Started

Assalammualaikum w.r.t

How are you my dearly reader? Sorry for not updating such a long long time. Actually from now onwards, i'm gonna be very very busy. Alhamdullilah, i've got a job. My very first job after graduated. So, that's why la tak sempat nak update entry bagai. It has been two weeks already and i am adapting my new world. Yes!it's totally a new world for me, new people, new atmosphere. 

Forget about work, i am not telling anything about my work but i just want to share some useful information especially for those has just started to work and want to own a car. I know that some of you really want to own your dream car right? but the problem is, you just started to work. As we know, one of the requirement to own a car is to have a three month payslip. Am i right? But if you just started to work, let's say one month and a half, how did you own a car? The answer is by 'Skim Graduan'. By using this Skim, zero downpayment is required and no such three month payslip. Just shown them an offer letter, than you can own your dream car just like that. Simple and easy.

I got this information from my friend who has just bought a car by using this Skim. So this is true story! I also want to try this skim. But have to wait until I get my valid driving license first. Huwaaaaaa.sangat tak sabar to have my dream car. Kena cepat-cepat ambil lesen.

So, that's it for now. Thanks for reading!Wish me luck with my new job and also to get my dream car.hahaha.